waiting to begin

I sometimes get the feeling in the middle of disaster, or when life events are unfolding in a way that feels… unsympathetic? ….just maybe the change will bring something I need . ‘Waiting to begin’ started as a few lines scrawled in my red moleskine in January 2008 and reappeared during the Tokyo Snow Monkey sessions (with Skank and Deepchild) earlier this year. The guitar motif reminds me of something The Police would have done, but I was looking to take it into bluesier, more soul drenched territory. I reconfigured the chorus in Sydney – thinking about the classic blues tune ‘Sittin’ on top o’ the world’.

My friend Nathan before he died told me to never sell a blues album… He gets credit for the lines referencing John Lee Hooker’s ‘Stripped me naked’ from Mr Lucky.

I guess this responds to my own track ‘Giant’ from illumineon, featuring the line – “It’s only the end of the world you know”. Writing from Tokyo where all is strange and unrelated and full of new beginnings, it seemed a good time to post it. From apocalypse to resignation to readiness… and I feel fine, I feel fine…

First mix, rough draft. Enjoy.

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