only the end of the world

I’m reminded by the snow falling outside my window, there’s been a lot of changes in my life recently. Job, possessions, countries. Perhaps anticipating this a little – or pre-empting it a lot – I started a new recording at the beginning of the year that combined old friends in a new combination, revisiting some old songs – in new combinations. The result is the TJ Eckleberg trio album west & lime – and is on it’s way.

One of the songs I looked at again was Giant – a riffy electro mash exploring the apocalypse of getting older – the disillusion of knowing your family or lover or friends can’t save you… the ultimate impossibility of trying to fill shoes not your own.

I remember it was raining, giant tears, Ulysses fears crashing careers, tumbling worlds around my ears,

everything looked sadly the same and tamely you said something that gave me away….

and now it’s only the end of the world, you know,

only the end of the world you know…

Much of illumineon was written in London – the last time I was in Europe (2001) – many lives ago. It was a lot about the kind of light that sparks through darkness – and Lord knows there was plenty of darkness around for me at the time. As dark as this song is, it’s been a curiously helpful mantra over the years…. only the end of the world you know….

In Berlin, a little overwhelmed and bewildered, it comes back. What is the world you will know next? When you are let go, let down, lost, what is the next world to find… or the next world to find me?

Here it is anyway  – Giant, from illumineon (2003)

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