the silver trail

Since I arrived in Berlin I’ve already found a guitar partner in crime – Christopher Zitterbart – and together we have become The Silver Trail – taking our name from the 1937 western of the same name. It’s been a pretty wild ride so far – full of unexpected surprises and challenges – creating improvised imaginary movie scores together, I’ve really had to step up and use all the tricks, looping skills and effects wizardry (not to mention playing ability) I can muster.

Recently we rolled up to the gorgeous 8mm bar in Prenzlauerberg ( and put our improvised scoring abilities to the test in front of a generous packed house, for an unrelenting 100 minutes – forming the backdrop for a classic 60’s cowboy flick. It was a perfect setting – an alternative venue that’s become a Berlin legend, the first gig for a nascent and enthusiastic duo, and a classic genre that lends itself to sweeping eerie guitars, edgey noise effects and plaintive melodies.


What you can hear below is the last eight minutes – unedited, save the fades in and out. It’s fully improvised, and everything is made with just the two guitars – although I’m using a looper  at times (recording live then playing it back). You can hear me in the right channel, and the brilliant Christopher Zitterbart in the left. Enjoy.

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