the ocean folded in my wallet

I spend a lot of time looking back, realising full well the trouble with life is you have to live it forward. Silver is from a time I was overwhelmed by my past – recalling the romance of an impossible first love, a girl in a blue coat, a smile across a crowded room, tra la la… running headlong into my everyday life – the dead mouse, the long drive to the coast, the terrifying gentleness of Burt Bacharach – a different girl, a different time, a different country. At times I think I live to be distracted by silver things – to slide off them, to marvel, to surreptitiously slide them into my pockets when no one is looking.

Speaking of having the ocean in your pocket, I’m reminded of the gorgeous Rory Toomey, who is drumming on this track as part of the TJ Eckleberg trio with Tom Kazas. Given the already difficult timeline of three hours to rehearse three new songs prior to the studio session at the weekend, Rory announced on arrival that he had to leave half an hour early (9:30pm) as his brother was flying in for a surprise visit from London. Boldly we plunged forward – with some degree of panic as Tom and I realised how much work was to be done. Toward the end of the night there was a little angst when Rory reminded us he had to leave. I was still struggling to hammer out the right disonance in the disconcerting ‘Didn’t I swagger?’ bridge. I think if you listen very closely you’ll hear both my panic and Rory packing up his drums.

Whatever the case, the tension between Rory’s absolute commitment and his uncharacteristic distraction was resolved a few days later when he explained he had married the gorgeous Deena the following day in a private family only ceremony, using his brother’s visit as an opportunity to resolve their long engagement. Hilarious – and an honour to have been there, unknowing, the night before. Of course, you can hear for yourself his stellar and muscular focus. It makes me smile to remember him racing out the door, juggling drums – of course at 9:45pm, fifteen minutes over time…

Silver is a re-envisaging of the original track from illumineon in 2003. The tracks are completely different, enough to be new songs… almost. Just similar enough to remind me ‘Everything that comes back comes back changed…’, and you can fit an ocean in your wallet if you fold it right.

You can listen to it here:

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