like a bluebird

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Australia was playing live in the gorgeous Colbourne Avenue space – an old community hall / movie theatre / church in Glebe with gorgeous ambience – curated by two erstwhile members of the music scene in Sydney – Barney Wakeford and Andrew Lorien. Just after touching down, in the midst of rehearsals for my University of New South Wales gig, (frantically getting together new songs with a completely new band) I got a call from Barney asking if I wanted play ‘Live at Colbourne’.

About a week later I checked in… ‘So… who am I supporting?’. No bro, he explained – it’s just you… two hours, live and solo.

This is something I’d not done often – and certainly not for a while… What ensued was lots of practice – re-arranging band songs, sorting new guitar parts and resurrecting old favourites that would work nicely in the intimate candle-lit setting of Colbourne Ave.

Probably my favourite song of the night was Like a Bluebird, a track written in the Berlin winter, dreaming of spring. The picture above is the view from my window- once spring finally did arrive – and you can hear the track below.

As I’m heading back into winter over here, I’m reminded to thank myself even on cold winter days there are clear blue sunny skies. When I’m warm and safe, and I have my winter jacket on, spring doesn’t seem so far away.

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