Axel Nystrom

I saw both of your feet on the ridge
In morning air, like pushed out of a dirty syringe
She said: “You know it’s really hard for me to breathe when you’re mine”
I said: “The thicker the air, the thinner the shine”

                                                   Axel Nystrom – The Ridge

I saw Axel play last Friday night – a refreshing voice in a sometimes bewildering techno city. I met him writing his debut album Bricks – heading to a friend’s Neukolln shop-window to sit in the lazy spring warmth and fill books with sparse, fading prose. Nice to hear the album and confirm what I’d suspected from live shows – he wasn’t drifting off to sleep in that sunlight…

A friend from Australia named another voice I’d been chasing – something here of Grant McLennan’s nonchalance and the wistfulness of The Go-Betweens. You can stream the album here:

Axel Nystrom: Bricks

And you can listen to The Go Betweens Love Goes On! here:

The Go-Betweens: Love Goes On!

There is a generous space in honest guitars, melodic pop and a deft turn of phrase. On tracks like From Outside and Bricks, Axel Nystrom has managed to find cracks in the wall of urban cool and gently prise open room for us to learn something new about hearts and heartbreak. And in that realm, it’s always good to have another go-between.

Axel plays live at Fraulein Wild, Berlin

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