Small constellations

this is how to let go

stretch your fingers out

open your hand

move it away from the object

Tom Kazas: this is how

So begins melbn pixis – a lesson of the tyrannies of distance, a meditation on the absences that haunt us, the reminder simple things are easily forgotten. Tom Kazas writes crisply and keeps the ‘extended player’ (ep) format tight at four songs and just on seventeen minutes.

The cues here are as much David Sylvian and Brian Eno as the former The Moffs front man’s career – careening reverbs crash into waves of tremelo, the sparkling joy of release in the opening track this is how gives way to the muted solo of Ithaca Is. Perhaps Kazas avoids ‘looking back / for it does not exist’ – but the ghosts are still there, somewhat transformed on the long sea journey back to Ithaca – shuddering, broken symphonies and refracted rays from the sunlight pop that made the The Moffs hit ‘Another day in the sun’ so enduring.

This is the work of an Odysseus who has endured the trials of Scylla and Charybdis and found home is not what it was, or is already somewhere else. In a world beguiled by the spectacular, it’s hard to remember that constellations remind us how small we are, how lost we can be, and how sometimes letting things go is the only real way to find our way back.

small constellations from melbn pyxis by Tom kazas

The Moffs Another day in the sun

For lyrics and more info:

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