About TJ Eckleberg

TJ Eckleberg, songwriter and vocalist, producer and guitar player

A journey spanning twenty years and five independent albums, TJ Eckleberg fuses soulful vocals, jagged guitars and urban grooves with poetic insight to create a fission of independent blues, soul and alternative rock.

In 2012’s West & Lime ‘70s glam collides with cascading tremolo; tape echo bounces from buzz-saw bass and velvet overdrive; raucous organs grind like lovers in the backseat. It’s only the end of the world you know, only the end of the world… The guitar trembles and spits between fuzz and uncertainty – is it the end of the world? Or the world we once knew?

Either way the weather has turned grim, and Eckleberg continues to swagger and sway – he’s traded a lifetime for this apocalypse, and every note counts. Hollering a blues from the roadside as trucks roar past; whispering as the sun sets like a melody, if the world is about to end, there is time for one last solo – time to turn up the volume.

His recording career spans five independent releases:  jazz-tinged Waiting Room (1997); the bright eyed pop of SUPERHYDRATED (2000); tone poem illumineon (2003); soulful When you get down to it (2008); and dirty rock trio West & Lime (2012).

TJ has featured as vocalist and collaborator with renowned electronic artist Deepchild – also producing Ras Ronnie on ´No Disgrace´; has sung with Jimmy James and Future Classic; performed alongside Morganics, Entropic, Floyd Vincent, Ed Kuepper, Hermitude, The Whitlams, Jackie Orzcascky, Bluejuice and Trakky Dax; created a national radio hit with Rachel Holmshaw’s Something Urban; produced and mixed Wei-Zen Ho’s TUFA, and independent singer / songwriter Andrew Collis & Nic Danta’s  Leadlight.

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