A fuzzy kind of salvation

There was a moment

as I raised the cup

I knew a resurrection

a new beginning


the salvation of forgetting

Did I open my eyes too wide?

Did I open my arms too wide?

Spread the news, hallelujah…

TJ Eckleberg –¬†Gospel

It’s easy to forget broken things, to overlook what no longer serves its intended purpose. Gospel excavates a night of failures – a night I slowly came to realise I was in love with someone, or the idea of someone, but it was not what I wanted it to be, nor would it ever be. Salvation arrived in spite, or because of this…

A few weeks ago my friend and co-conspirator Delboy Wilson returned my GI FUZZ made (and repaired for free) by Michael Ibrahim and the good folk at MI AUDIO. It had broken during the Yo Grabo¬° sessions in Indonesia, and I thought it lost and gone. The GI FUZZ is an old school silicon fuzz with a few twists, a legacy of audio assault stemming from Hendrix. I’d forgotten how dangerously good it is – managing to sound both musical and as if I’ve dragged my guitar across the car park to hook it to the arcing electricity mains. For those of you unfamiliar with the glorious contrary and sullen GI Fuzz, you can hear it spitting it’s way through Gospel in the link below. It’s nice to know that some things come back.