TJ Eckleberg

Seventies glam collides with cascading tremolo; tape echo bounces from buzz-saw bass and velvet overdrive; bent blues double stops shiver down the Stratocaster – intimate and raw.

Combining the sharp lyrical insight of The National; the strut and fret of Keith and Mick; the acerbic shout of The Pixies; the fragmentary recall of Bowie…

a sexy, soulful blend steeped in blues, rock guitar and poetry.

Bowie, Floyd, Zeppelin, Muddy Waters… records brought home by his older brother and blared through the house on Sunday afternoons.

John was only dancing, crazy diamonds were shining.

Trading the beaches of Bondi for the bleak artistry and exuberant logic of Berlin, TJ Eckleberg completed fifth album West & Lime moments before flying from Sydney – an album of intersections where the journey becomes a simple choice that leaves a world behind.

He currently lives in Berlin and is touring in support of West & Lime with his three piece rock outfit.

West & Lime is available as a free download at

For more details about TJ Eckleberg, visit

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