Production and Mix

TJ Eckleberg has been a songwriter for over twenty five years and produced work for numerous independent artists. Currently based in Berlin, he mixes, produces and works with artists to develop their sound and achieve their musical goals.

Examples of previous work are below:

Hold my hand: Dorothy of the day

Dorothy of the day is a remarkable artist with a 1930s cinematic vibe. This song captures that old timey dance feel and the lovely lilt of her vocals, with a downtempo old school hip hop beat.

TJ Eckleberg: Production, programming, mix Dorothy of the day: vocals, vocal arrangements, vocal recording

Break: Yo Grabo¡ (featuring Mian Tiara)

Recorded in bandung – in the hills of Indonesia, this track combines a tough seventies soul vibe with a spoken word / hip hop feel. Tiara’s vocals are powerful and compelling…
TJ Eckleberg: guitars, spoken word vocal; production and mix. Mastered by Salz Mastering

Shock the Monkey (Lonely Monkey remix): Peter Gabriel

A remix of the eighties classic, courtesy of Real World Recordings

True Get Rid: The Bee Ho Gray

Jan Linder – the force behind ‘The Bee Ho Gray’ – wanted to conjure echoes of Kurt Cobain for a German Television movie. This track – although drawing on a more contemporary aesthetic, nails that ‘Something in the way’ pathos.
TJ Eckleberg: engineer, production, mix. Mastered by Salz Mastering

Passport: Delboy Wilson

Delboy came to Berlin to work with me last December, and we hunkered down for ten days in the old GDR radio rooms – Tricone Studios at The Funkhaus. layered guitars, steamy vocals and a gorgeous lyric defined this soulful indie track.
TJ Eckleberg: Engineer, production, mix. Mastered by Salz Mastering

something beautiful: Nic Danta’s Leadlight

Nic Danta is a poet and keen observer of intimate moments and the way they play across ordinary days. This track harnesses a crazy horn section and a post-Cure sensibility to find a genuinely generous new kind of cool.

TJ Eckleberg production and mix (with Russel Pilling), arrangements. mastered by William Bowden

Yellow Skin: TUFA (Wei-Zen Ho)

This is an older track – From the groundbreaking and celebrated independent lp femalia by left field spoken word and tone poet Wei-Zen Ho – 2003. Wei Zen received national airplay on radio National in Australia. Her work is cool, angular and surprising.

TJ Eckleberg: Additional programming, production, mix. Mastered by William Bowden.

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