Me and Elton vs Pnau

So I may well be stretching the notion of six degrees of separation, but with fellow Sydney Siders Pnau making a swell with their gorgeous reworkings of Elton John’s songs, I was reminded of the track Pete Mayes mixed from my 2008 album When you get down to it. He’s a lovely guy and he kept it pretty simple and understated, as the desk mix suggested it should be. He used one of those crazy Publison Infernal Machines on the vocal, and got an effortless breeziness to the Beach Boys tribute vocals at the end. I often forget I made this track, but the lyric has stayed with me:

A story that you told me, about how love could hold me when you get down, when you get down to it…

Anyway – you can see them talking with elton about the music here:

Elton and Pnau talk about making Elton vs Pnau

And you can see listen to Down to it here:

Down to it, from When you get down to it

So yeah, tenuous, but nice to be reminded of a lovely producer and nice to revisit a song… Enjoy